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Jake Down

The Wind on Your Face (2010)

by Indie Islands

Recall the songs of Dylan with his harmonica wailing against a lyrical backdrop of meaningful messages? What about the story lines of Harry Chapin? That was real music. In the middle of this digital revolution, music for the most part has become an unreal overpolished, mesmerizing mess. Then you stumble upon Jake Down’s The Wind on Your Face, and you’re hit with a refreshing breeze of genuine art.

Jake’s debut EP will “Mend Your Heart.” It is as a real as “The Wind on Your Face” and it is “Deeper” with meaning than most. You have only just seen three of the titles on an EP that is suitable for the upcoming “Warm Summer Nights.”

Sure, most in the music business would identify Down a “greenstick” or a novice –and Down is the first to admit he is still an amateur with room to grow. However, how far he has come, just a year after learning the guitar, is a tremendous indication of where his talents will take him in the future.

The Wind on Your Face is the first fresh gust of real acoustic music from this songwriter. It is a true and valid measure of Down’s potential. The EP is an eclectic mix of folk and acoustic rock set to Jake’s genuine acoustic guitar performances. Tracks such as “Tongue Tied” and “David’s Lament” feature deep lyrical metaphors and moody soundscapes. “Warm Summer Nights” evokes a Dylan-esque harmonica and hint at Petty’s stylistic presentation all within a reminiscent trip through a story of lost love.

With all original compositions and lyrics, Jake Down displays his ability to convey deep emotional messages and delve into the human condition. There’s plenty of computerized, over-polished and over-produced music out there, so it is refreshing to see a songwriter like Jake Down with music as fresh and awakening as The Wind on Your Face.

Key Tracks: “The Wind on Your Face”, “Warm Summer Nights”, “Tongue Tied


WEBSITE: www.jakedown.com

CONTACT: jakedownmusic@gmail.com


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