“Tongue-Tied” Lyrics and Story

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The fourth song I wrote “Tongue-tied” started as some lyrics I thought up will walking around at my old job about a year ago.  It was a food service job and I would usually sing or do something to keep my mind occupied.  I thought up a few of the lines at work and scribbled them down on some paper and wrote the song when I got home.  This song was pretty revolutionary to me at the time because it used a wide range of chords and had a pretty dynamic sound.  I also like the structure of the song; I was able to break away a little from the standard format I usually (though unintentionally) use.
The song is about how sometimes for me it is difficult to express myself.  I am usually very well spoken on paper, and when I organize my thoughts I can write very well, but in the heat of the moment it is hard for me to tell people what I’m thinking sometimes.  That is basically what the song is about.
The song is track #3 on “The Wind on Your Face EP.”  It was also one of two originals I played at my first live show ever.  It is also probably the song I have played most often live so far because it appeals to a wide audience because it is not one of my expressly Christian songs.  That coupled with the fact that I now have a  lot of practice with the song helped cement it as a regular on the set list.



I’m writing a book that’s already been written
already been read
already been ripped to shreds

I’m biting my tongue though it’s already been bitten
’cause i know that the words
won’t come out right


My tongue and my mind
think differently sometimes
and most of the time
it just doesn’t come out right (x2)

i’m sailing a ship but in the wrong direction
the wind at my back
pushes me out to sea

as the tide swells
i lose all discretion
the floodgates of my lips
can’t hold back the flood


Video from when I first recorded it:

Video from my first live set:


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