“Mend My Heart” Lyrics and Story

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This song is track 4 on “The Wind on Your Face EP” by Jake Down

Video I recorded shortly after writing the song:

The Song “Mend My Heart” was the first complete song I wrote since learning guitar.  I have written lyrics for a long time, but I never played and instrument and hadn’t been able to keep a band together so I was excited.

I actually have no idea what the chords are.  You only need two fingers to play each one, and they are “slide-able” but they only work on certain frets.  They sound good to me though!

It was inspired by a talk I had with a friend… one of those “DTR” talks – you know, “Define the Relationship.”  Yeah, pretty much she wasn’t in to me like i was into her… fail.   I took it worse than i should have and even though i already knew this for the most part i began to pay attention to the fact that i was not guarding my heart very closely when i was interested in someone.  I have learned a lot this year and I can thankfully say i am getting a lot better at that.


verse 1:

My feet can’t touch the ground
Any more than they used to
My head so far in the clouds
That all I can see is blue

Verse 2:

It’s taken me so much time
To try and forget you
I want to change my mind
But all I can see is you


I’m so good at breaking my own heart
I should have known right from the start(x2)

Verse 3:

Lord, I can be so blind
At your path that’s ahead of me
I get someone in my mind
And assume she’s your will for me

Chorus 2:

I’m so good at breaking my own heart
I should have known right from the start
Lord, I know you can mend my heart
I should have prayed that right from the start


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